About Jamie

With her son Aaron in Phoenix

Jamie's Mission is to alleviate suffering one person at a time. 

As a child she was sad most of the time. She didn't make friends easily and spent a lot of time alone. She had a hard time fitting in...and was easily depressed. High School was a little better, but along the way, Jamie discovered the music of JOHN DENVER and became convinced that happiness is something  she could BUILD for herself. 

So she began a life-long pursuit of happiness created from within, and her mission is to share the tools she uses with YOU. 

Jamie has a daily spiritual practice, and an invigorating self-tapping practice. She uses writing and Energy Psychology and will work with you to provide the breakthrough you need. 

Jamie's from the good old midwest, Oak Park, Illinois. She moved to San Francisco after graduating from Drake University, had her two boys in San Francisco and moved back to Downers Grove, Illinois to raise them. She had a blast as a mother. Best time ever. Her boys were both star runners and wonderful people. Even after her younger son Ben, came down with schizophrenia at 20, they remained close. He lost his battle at 22, and Jamie's life changed dramatically. Because of her belief in the eternity of life she began writing Ben, and he wrote her back through her own hand. Their correspondence resulted in the publication of "Our Forever Ben, one mom's letters to her son in spirit and his poetic replies." Available on Amazon. 

EFT Tapping helped Ben when he was at his sickest, and she decided to become certified by choosing the best mentors in the world, Alina Frank and Craig Weiner. She earned her certification in EFT in 2019 through EFT International.  

Jamie's been a mentor and a teacher her entire life. Now she has even more skills to teach. Working with Jamie for just one session is life changing. She works in person in St. Pete, Florida, Chicago, Il, and Phoenix AZ. Her son Aaron is a doctor in Phoenix and she loves being being able to travel freely. The picture here is with her son Aaron. 

Is is time for you to free yourself from sadness, grief, loneliness, hopelessness? 

Is it time to reboot affordably and with passion. 

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