Jamie's Book and Services


Our Forever Ben by Jamie Lee Silver

Our Forever Ben (available on Amazon) is a book of hope and connection. It is especially helpful for suicide loss survivors, but helps people with grief of any kind. 

Live Online Grief Relief Worldwide~ Via Zoom

From now until the end of May, I'm running a half price special to get you up and running. Only $249 for 3 sessions, or $475 for 6 sessions. This won't last! I offer sessions to suit YOUR schedule  wherever you live - we meet online or  in person. I regularly travel to the Chicago area, Phoenix, LA and I live in St. Pete, Florida close to Tampa and Sarasota. 

Live online Stress-Relief

Are you worrying about something? Are you having trouble sleeping? Have you lost your mojo? I can help. It is amazing how ONE SESSION can put that smile back on your face when you learn the technique for freeing your stress. I wish I'd known this years ago, but I'm grateful and humble to have learned it now. And it's my greatest pleasure to teach it to you! 

Live Online Tapping for Weight Loss

Wait until I introduce you to  the way to release cravings! You'll be using this as we erase the stressors from the past, the present and the future. And the coolest thing about Tapping is YOU DON"T HAVE TO RELIVE STRESSFUL MEMORIES. I have techniques for helping you free your emotions that are gentle, and leave you with relief and hope. 

Certified through EFTi, EFT International

I am trained by the finest trainers in the world. Our tapping methods are precise. You will leave with a clearing and a great sigh of relief. 


I can't wait to answer them! Email me at TAPFORHAPPINESS.COM or better yet, give me a call at 630-926-3001. I will either answer the call, or call you back personally.