Weight Loss Success!

I know Jamie from Weight Watchers and I highly recommend  her services. She taught me to use tapping to end my emotional eating forever! 

~ Debbie

I experienced Grief Relief!

I took Jamie's Grief Relief course even though I didn't think it would work for me. And boy, did I turn into a believer. I connected profoundly with my loved one in spirit, and ended up calling all my family members to share my messages! 

~ John

Jamie Helped Me

When I started working with Jamie I was a total shut in. Grief and sadness had me almost never leaving the house. Jamie taught me how to tap for myself, and lead me through some tapping exercises. All it took was three sessions and now I'm out and about enjoying my life! 

~ Nancy

Grief Relief Session

Jamie's currently running a half-price special. Three sessions for $250 or 6 sessions for $499. Book your free consultation now! 

Tapping for Stress Relief

When you learn to release your emotions your life will change dramatically. Experience this peace now! 

You can call Jamie too!

Jamie can't always answer the phone, but she might be available!  You can leave a message if she can't pick up., and she will call you back. You can give her a try at 630-926-3001